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No Matter the job, from replacing a light fixture in your bathroom, to rewiring your entire home, our electricians are trained to handle every situation with professional time tested skills and courtesy as we brighten your day! 


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 Our licensed residential electricians are ready to repair your wiring. Over the years the electrical code has changed, so our trained electricians can bring your electrical system up to code and help you sleep safe and sound again!


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We only hire the best certified electricians to work in your home. Family is important to us! That is why we run background checks on all of our employees before they are hired on. Did you know over 75% of all crimes are drug related?  At Sunrise Electric we don't stand for that nonsense. We run random drug tests and have a strict drug free policy, plus we stay up to date on safety and code training so you can trust us working in your home... even if you have to run an errand.